If My Roof Leaks Do I Need A Full Roof Replacement?

Full Roof Replacement - DownUnderRoofing.com

Typically, if you have a single leak in your roof, you won’t need an full roof replacement. It could be due to several reasons, most are typically easy to repair. If you have multiple leaks in your roof, you may have major damage to your roof and an entire roof replacement may be in order.…

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What are the Three Basic Steps For a Roofing Insurance Claim/Damage Assessment?

By understanding how a roofing insurance claim also known as damage assessment works, this will allow a smoother work process for the homeowner, roofing contractor and the insurance company. The insurance claim process consists of three basic steps: Inspection by the adjuster. After a homeowner reports the damage to the insurance company, the insurance company…

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Get a FREE Roof Inspection Before the Weather Turns Bad

The Kansas City weather is starting to cool down and it’s the perfect time for you to have your annual FREE roof inspection. Having a good solid roof to rely on during the winter months is just as important as any other time of year. If you have a small leak, it’s best to get…

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Do You Need Flat Roof Repair?

If your business has a flat roof that is leaking, you need to get it repaired. Before you make the decision to fix it yourself or hire a professional. Consider these points. You’ll need to identify which material your flat roof is made of. Each type of roofing material will require a different type of…

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What Should You Ask After a Roof Inspection?

Roof Inspection - Local Roofing Company in Kansas City

A roof inspection is recommended when you purchase a home. A good roofing inspector will walk the grounds and walk on the roof to inspect it. But now that you’ve had a roof inspection, what should you ask? How many layers of shingles are currently on the roof? Some times roofing companies will add a…

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5 Signs Inside Your Home You Need Roof Repair

Roof leak damage - DownUnderRoofing.com - Kansas City Metro

Not all roof repair is visible from the outside. Sometimes the first sign you see you need your roof repaired is from a problem on the inside of your home. You may be able to see the damage from your kitchen table or you may have to look in your attic. If you spot any…

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What is Typically Included in a Complete Roofing System?

There are multiple combinations of materials and components that make up a complete roofing system and we are going to break it down for you to easily understand. When it comes to a new roof, pretty much all of your roofing system is replaced. The first component of a roofing system is the roof decking.…

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Why Do Roofing Costs Seem So High?

Roofing Contractor - DownUnderRoofing.com

Whether you are getting new roofing installed or just a repair, working with a roofing contractor seems to be an expensive ordeal. In order to understand why these costs, seem high, you need to understand what goes into the cost of the installation or repair. Materials, labor and insurance are the main factors contributing to…

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Reasons to Hire Local Roofing Companies over Out-Of-Town Roofing Companies

Local Roofing Companies DownUnderRoofing.com

The recent storms left hail damage on your roof and now you have local roofing companies and out of town companies knocking on your door every day. Not everyone who knocks on your door is from a local roofing company. Sometimes, they aren’t from roofing companies at all. They can be sales people or canvassers…

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Free Roof Inspection – What to Watch Out For With Scammers

free inspections - downunderroofing.com - roof repair

Free roof inspections are common with roofing companies. What is not common is a roof repair company offering to provide you with a “free” roof inspection because they happen to be in the area. Roofing companies who happen to be in the area, are typically not true legitimate roofing companies. To be certain whether or…

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