Time to Get a Complimentary Roof Inspection

Complimentary Roof Inspection - DownUnderRoofing.com

A complimentary roof inspection examines shingles, flashing, gutters and any intake vents on the roof. More advanced roof inspections may include checking the attic and insulation, siding and attic vents. Roof inspections look for any sign of wear and tear, moisture damage or cracking and any other signs that the roofing products are failing. This…

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What Does Properly Insured and A Licensed Roofer Mean With A Roofing Company?

licensed roofer - downunderroofing.com

As a homeowner, it’s important to stay aware and informed on who is working on your home and if they are a licensed roofer. So, if a problem arises, you’ve got the best of the best to handle it. Most states require a license in order for someone to repair or replace a roof. To…

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How to Handle Hail Damage to Your Roof?

Hail roof damage - DownUnderRoofing.com

A hail storm can wreak havoc on your home and roof. It’s important to take proper care if you even suspect that you have hail damage to your roof. Conduct a visual inspection of your roof to look for hail damage. Look for any loose or missing shingles, discoloration or wood exposure. Hail damage can…

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Your Local Kansas City Roofing Contractor

As your local Kansas City roofing contractor, we take pride in the work we do in our own community. We are an exterior contractor for residential and commercial roofing. Choosing the right roofing contractor is a very important decision. Your contractor needs to be local and certified and trusted. We provide affordable and professional roofing…

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What Do You Do If Your Roof Is Damaged?

Roof is damaged - DownUnderRoofing.com

If your roof is damaged, would be something that happens when external forces immediately cause damage versus regular wear and tear. It may look like missing or cracked shingles, water leaking in your attic or flashing pulled from the roof. There are signs to look for if your roof is damaged. Roof damage can be…

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How Do I Choose A Professional Roofing Contractor?

Roofing Contractor - DownUnderRoofing.com - Kansas City, MO

If you need a professional roofing contractor, first ask your friends, relatives, neighbors and even your Homeowners Association if they have a recommendation. Be sure to get two or three quotes before making a decision. While you are getting roofing quotes, make sure to check their references, online reviews, and qualifications. Then compare all three…

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How Does a Roofing Insurance Claim Work?

Insurance Claim - Roofing Contractor - DownUnderRoofing.com

If you need to file a roofing insurance claim, one of the first steps you’ll want to take is finding a good roofing contractor. Once you’ve found a trusted and certified, if your state requires it, roofing contractor, you’ll want to get your roof inspected. In this process, the roofing contractor will document any roof…

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Meet the Storm Damage Specialists at DownUnder Roofing

Not every storm is the same and neither is the storm damage specialists that will come in after the storm to do the clean up work. Down Under Roofing is your local Kansas City, storm damage specialists. When a storm rolls into Kansas City it can have a powerful impact on your home. After such…

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Top Six Common Roofing Questions Answered

Here are the top six common roofing questions by homeowners. Understanding your roof can help you save money and time as a homeowner. Because when something goes wrong, you will need to act quickly. How long will my roof last? The lifespan of a roof depends on many factors like: Material Shingles Climate and weather…

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What People Are Saying About Down Under Roofing

We love what we do, so when a customer does to, we like to say thanks for the kind words. Like Sandy N from Holt, MO; “…worked in an excellent and timely manner in all phases of replacing our roof. They communicated well with the insurance company and with my husband and me…” Thank you…

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