Why Do Roofing Costs Seem So High?

Whether you are getting new roofing installed or just a repair, working with a roofing contractor seems to be an expensive ordeal. In order to understand why these costs, seem high, you need to understand what goes into the cost of the installation or repair. Materials, labor and insurance are the main factors contributing to the cost of using a professionally insured contractor.

Material costs have been on the rise over the last couple of years. Tile and asphalt shingles are some of the most common used materials for building contractors. They are manufactured using concrete, clay and oil. So the rise in oil prices make the rise in materials costs as well. Not to mention, the cost of disposing of the unused materials can be expensive as well.

Labor is another factor that can cause a cost for a repair or a replacement to be expensive. Any reputable contractor will want to use good, quality labor. With demand on these skills, any contractor who wants to keep their team, will need to pay them higher wages.

Insurance is a must for any job. As with everything else, the costs tend to increase and those costs have to be included in any estimate given to a customer.

If you need a good quality roofing contractor to repair your roof or place your roof, you’ll want to understand what goes into the costs.

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