What Should You Ask After a Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is recommended when you purchase a home. A good roofing inspector will walk the grounds and walk on the roof to inspect it. But now that you’ve had a roof inspection, what should you ask?

How many layers of shingles are currently on the roof? Some times roofing companies will add a new roof to the existing roof. This isn’t recommended for various reasons, and manufacturers tend to not accept a warranty of a second layer.

Are there any soft spots on the roof? Soft spots identify that your plywood is rotting and needs to be replaced.

Do you have a good flashing system? Flashing that is bent, leaking or discolored tends to leak.

How are the pipe collars? The pipes coming out of your roof that are used for ventilation and leak if they are deteriorating or broken or become lose.

What material is the sheathing made of? You want to have plywood sheathing under a shingle roof. If it’s not plywood, this may make you change your mind about a shingled roof.

Were the shingles installed correctly? If the roof looks like it was haphazardly put together, you may have leaks and major problems down the road.

If your roof inspector has trouble answering any of these questions, you may have asked the wrong professional to inspect your roof.

Good roof inspectors will physically get on the roof to inspect it closely and inside the attic.

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