What is the Average Cost of a New Roof?

The average cost of a new roof in the Midwest is $8,000 – $10,000. There are many factors that play into determining the cost of a new roof. The two biggest factors in determining the cost of a new roof are materials and labor.

The roofing materials typically make up 40% of the roof’s overall estimate. Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials and are typically the least expensive. Other materials are concrete tiles, metal roofs, clay tiles and slate shingles. All just a little more expensive in price.

The remaining 60% is typically made up of labor. Labor can consist of the manual labor one does in physically removing the roof and adding a new roof on and it can consist of the time and energy one puts in with dealing with the paperwork of the job and working with the insurance company (if one is used).

You’ll want to work with an experienced team to make sure the quality of work done for the new roof replacement is done right, the first time.

Another element that goes into figuring the cost of a new roof is the house itself. Since one-story homes are easily accessible, they tend to cost less than a two-story home. Plus, they are typically less complex with fewer valleys.

Just make sure that whoever you use for your new roof that they give you a cost estimate. When reading an estimate from a roofing professional, they may use the term “square” instead of square foot. A “square” is equivalent to 100 square feet.

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