What is Considered Storm Damage to Roofs?

Knowing what storm damage can do to a roof will give you the advantage on what to look for when strong winds, hail and rain hit your community. When your roof is not in good condition, even the smallest of leaks can cause big problems in the future.

Sometimes the signs of roof damage are obvious, curled or missing shingles, exposed roof flashing or even wet walls on the interior of your house. Here’s what to look for after a storm goes through your community:

  • Missing shingles are one sign, but look closely and pay attention to granule buildup in your drain pipes. You may even see a “bald” spot on your shingles where granules should be, but instead you see a smooth surface. If you see dents or dings on asphalt shingles, this is a sign of hail damage.
  • Along the edge of your roof, around chimneys, vents and skylights look for missing or exposed flashing; as well as loose or pealing sealant.
  • Check the interior of the home in the attic and along the ceiling. If you see what spots or stains you have a leak.

Relentless weather events can create significant roof damage and can even impact your homes interior. When the signs are less obvious you may want to call a professional. A roofing expert will climb up on your roof and inspect every area looking for signs of damage.

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