Top Six Common Roofing Questions Answered

Here are the top six common roofing questions by homeowners. Understanding your roof can help you save money and time as a homeowner. Because when something goes wrong, you will need to act quickly.

  1. How long will my roof last?

The lifespan of a roof depends on many factors like:

  • Material
  • Shingles
  • Climate and weather conditions
  • Proper installation

Traditional asphalt shingles will last between 12-20 years. Slate, tile or copper roofs may last around 50 years. Metal roofs may last 40-70 years. If your region experiences harsher climates, the lifespan may be shorter.

  1. Does a leaky roof need to be completely replaced?
    1. Not all leaks lead to a complete roof replacement. Whether you need a repair or a replacement will depend on the damage. It will also depend on the age of the roof and the layers of roofing material involved.
  2. Why is my roof have a weird green moldy color to it?
    1. If you see black and green stains on your roof, this is a sign of algae, moss or lichens. While this is common in humid climates, the roof should be cleaned regularly to avoid rotting, mold and water damage.
  3. Does my homeowner’s insurance cover my roof?
    1. Most homeowner’s insurance coverage includes structural damage caused by hail, wind, fire and falling trees. It all depends on the policy you have. It’s best to ask your insurance agent for full details on your coverage.
  4. What is reroofing?
    1. Reroofing is when a new roof is placed directly over the top of the existing materials. This will save you money and time.
  5. What is flashing?
    1. Flashing is the layer of waterproof material that is placed over joints. It helps keep the water from seeping through to the valleys in your roof, as well as skylights, pipes and chimneys.

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