Time to Get a Complimentary Roof Inspection

A complimentary roof inspection examines shingles, flashing, gutters and any intake vents on the roof. More advanced roof inspections may include checking the attic and insulation, siding and attic vents.

Roof inspections look for any sign of wear and tear, moisture damage or cracking and any other signs that the roofing products are failing.

This type of roof inspection, Down Under Roofing offers for free!

Getting a complimentary roof inspection isn’t going to hurt your home or your wallet. After all, it’s free. But it can make you feel better, especially if you have concerns about your roof. A free roof inspection will put your mind at ease knowing everything is ok or if you do actually need repairs.

A roof inspection is a good way to spot any issues early on and get them fixed, which could save you money in the long run.

While Down Under Roofing, offers free roof inspections, if we find a concern or problem, we can give you an estimate on costs.

Some roofing repairs and even a total roof replacement can be expensive. Its best to know the cost and fix any damage at the first signs.

A free roof inspection can also come in handy if you are looking to sell your home soon. If there are no problems, it can help put future buyers minds at ease know there isn’t a problem with the roof. Also, if the roof inspection does find repairs needed, you can get them done easily before you try and sell.

So, when you think of complimentary roof inspections, think of Down Under Roofing!

If you are looking for a free roof inspection, call Down Under Roofing today. We are local to Kansas City, and have a proven track record and is licensed and insured. Contact the team today to see how we can help you with your roofing needs.