How Does a Roofing Insurance Claim Work?

If you need to file a roofing insurance claim, one of the first steps you’ll want to take is finding a good roofing contractor.

Once you’ve found a trusted and certified, if your state requires it, roofing contractor, you’ll want to get your roof inspected. In this process, the roofing contractor will document any roof damage and confirm what repairs need to be done.

If there is an urgent need for the repair, like a big hole, save any receipt you may have as insurance will often cover these expenses as well.

Once you begin filing your claim, keep all paperwork provided by the roofing contractor and any inspections.

An insurance adjuster will want to come schedules a visit to your home and confirm any damage. If your contractor can be there when your adjuster is present, as the roofing contractor can point out specific points of concern and damage to the adjuster.

As the homeowner, you’ll want to attend this meeting as well. Take notes and listen carefully to what each say and contact info for the adjuster. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. One of the biggest questions you’ll want an answer to is if this is covered by your insurance!

Once the insurance company approves the claim, the roof work can begin. Your roofing contractor will need to work closely with the insurance company to make sure the claim is filed correctly.

Once the insurance company issues the funds, the repairs can begin. Usually for a roofing insurance claim, funds will be sent to the homeowner and the homeowner will be responsible for paying the roofing contractor.

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