Free Roof Inspection – What to Watch Out For With Scammers

Free roof inspections are common with roofing companies. What is not common is a roof repair company offering to provide you with a “free” roof inspection because they happen to be in the area. Roofing companies who happen to be in the area, are typically not true legitimate roofing companies.

To be certain whether or not you are dealing with a legitimate roofing company, consider asking:

  • Where is your business headquartered?
  • How long has your business been working in this area?

You will often find roofing scammers chasing storms. If a large storm rolls through your area and a roofing company knocks on your door and offers to fix your roof quickly, chances are they are not a legitimate roofing company. When these types of companies come to town, it is not recommended for homeowners to give out their insurance claim numbers.

If someone knocks on your door claiming to be a roofing inspector and is offering a free roof inspection. The inspector will typically find that your roof needs to be fully replaced. If you this inspector doesn’t find enough damage to warrant a replacement, they may tear off shingles to mimic roof damage and then show you pictures of someone else’s home.

When you need a free roof inspection, contact your insurance company for their recommendations or do some research on your own to find a reputable roofing company. It’s ok to call several and get free estimates on the same repair. Make sure you spend the time meeting and researching the companies before you sign any paperwork.

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