Filing a Roof Leak Claim With Your Insurance Company

To determine if you have a successful insurance claim regarding your roof leak, you may want to begin by asking yourself a few questions first. Not everything is black and white when it comes to insurance claims and not every insurance company is the same, but these questions will help you determine if you should file an insurance claim for your leaking roof.

What caused the damage to make your roof leak? If it’s a natural disaster or fire caused the damage, you should file a claim. If the roof is leaking due to poor maintenance or workmanship, you probably won’t have a successful insurance claim.

How old is your roof? If the roof is older than its lifespan, then it’s more likely that it will not be covered by damages.

What is the cost of the repair for the leaking roof? If the cost to fix the roof leak is less than what your insurance deductible is, it would be more cost efficient to pay for it out of pocket.

It’s your insurance, so it’s always best to read the fine print and you can always check with your insurance agent.

Knowing your insurance policy and the exact problems causing your roof to leak are the two most important questions to know when deciding to file an insurance claim. When in doubt, always consult your insurance agent. And if you need help describing the leak, the roofing professionals at Down Under are happy to help!

Giving your roof regular maintenance can keep it in best working condition. If you have any questions or need help with your roofing maintenance, call Down Under Roofing today. We are local to Kansas City, and have experience working with insurance companies. Down Under Roofing has a proven track record and is licensed and insured. Contact the team today to see how we can help you with your gutter and roofing needs.