Do You Need Flat Roof Repair?

If your business has a flat roof that is leaking, you need to get it repaired. Before you make the decision to fix it yourself or hire a professional. Consider these points.

You’ll need to identify which material your flat roof is made of. Each type of roofing material will require a different type of repair. The most common types are:

  • EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber)
  • TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin)
  • PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • BUR (built-up roof), and modified bitumen (most common on commercial buildings

EPDM comes in a black seamless roll, making it easy to do yourself. PVC and TPO require professional roof installation with a specialized hot air gun and typically have a white top layer.

Now to find the area of your flat roof that needs repair. First check for any tears or holes in the rubber. Don’t forget to check the entry point of the roof. Flat roof’s typically have a slight slope to them which allows water to runoff. Many times, the leak is found within 10 feet of the entry point. If the leak is not there, check the vents, skylights or flashing. The sealant could be dry and cracked.

Once you’ve found the source of the leak, you’ll want to get your flat roof repaired.

If it is a simple fix like re-caulking or resealing areas around the vents, you could probably do it yourself. If you are comfortable, proceed with the fix. Otherwise, consult a roofing professional.

If you need a flat roof repair, call Down Under Roofing, your local roofing company in Kansas City. Our team at Down Under Roofing is dedicated to providing great results. We treat you with respect by offering honest and fair pricing that will fit most budgets. Contact our team today to see how we can help you with your roofing needs.