Can You Claim a New Roof on Home Insurance?

Sometimes a homeowner can claim a new roof on home insurance. It all depends on the type of insurance. Most insurance companies cover the damage or destruction from acts of nature.

Normal wear and tear on your roof that has exceeded it’s warranty life span are typically not eligible for claiming on your home insurance. These types of repairs or replacements tend to fall under the general maintenance of the homeowner.

In the Midwest, tornadoes and severe storms tend to be the most common problem when it comes to direct damage from acts of nature. Windstorms that topple trees and the trees fall on your roof, wildfires or other like events tend to be covered by most home insurance. The damage and destruction from these types of events qualify for a partial or full replacement of your roof.

There will more likely be a deductible that you, as the homeowner will need to pay. It’s ideal to know ones home insurance policy to understand how claims will work.

Some instances where a storm will damage a few shingles, the insurance company may consider cosmetic damage and not cover the costs of the repair. The same may occur if you begin to notice leaks after a heavy rain. Insurance companies may determine this to be general wear and tear.

Any water damage caused by the leaking roof to your floors, walls or furniture would typically be covered by your home insurance policy; just not your roof repair itself.

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