7 Reasons To Get A Free Roof Inspection Before Winter

A free roof inspection is very useful before the harsh winter hits, so get one scheduled before the weather gets bad. Here are 7 reasons to have your roof inspected before winter hits.

  1. The warm months of spring and summer can be hard on a roof with storms and heavy rainfall. There may be damage from storms you will need to get fixed and action may be required.
  2. Your roof may be showing signs of aging, weathering and more. Get an inspection to uncover any issue you may not have noticed.
  3. Small problems can lead to big problems down the road. Get the small things fixed now before they get worse.
  4. Check shingles and see if they are loose or missing or showing signs of damage. You can extend the life of your roof by replacing them before they cause damage.
  5. If a new roof needs to be replaced, now is the time to do it. Once temperatures drop shingles can become difficult to work with and brittle. It’s better to replace a roof when the temperatures are not so cold. Shingles need to be sealed to form an airtight, moisture resistant barrier and its difficult to do with in cold temperatures.
  6. You don’t want all your winter heat going out your room. If it does your electric or gas bill will be sky high. Better to have a well-insulated house and save on those electric and gas bills.
  7. Getting a roof inspection will give you peace of mind during the winter months. It will give you confidence that your roof is in good shape and ready for the harsh winter months.

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