3 Things Every Homeowner Needs to Know About a Roofing Insurance Claim

The insurance process can be confusing and at times, frustrating when it comes to making a roofing insurance claim. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to filing a roofing insurance claim and the insurance companies do not seem to make it easy.

Here are three things every homeowner needs to know about making a roofing insurance claim.

  1. After a storm, your first call should be to your insurance company. They will send an insurance adjuster or have you call for an inspection to review any damage your roof may have received. Only the insurance adjuster is the one who can approve your claim.
  2. Don’t sign any paperwork until your roofing insurance claim is approved. A good roofing contractor will walk you through the insurance process and give you an assessment of any damage. And never ask for a signature until they know you have been approved for a roof replacement.
  3. Once your roofing insurance claim is approved, you get to decide which roofing contractor to use to do the repairs. No matter which roofing contractor you hire, the price for your replacement is set by the insurance company.

If you suspect any roof damage after a storm, call your insurance company first. They will send or have you call someone to look at your roof. After that, you get to choose who does the repair.

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